At Mas architecture Int Ltd we believe people are our greatest asset. We invest in our staff development and provide opportunities for growth and specialisation. Being an international practice we attract people with mix of cultural backgrounds each bringing their own experience to the practice.

We operate a dynamic staffing structure supported by a process of collaboration, critical and analytical thought. We have combined experiences in a variety of design typologies that are complimentary to one another.

Maan Al-Salloum - RIBA

Managing / Creative Director

Rana Al-Salloum

Projects Director – Interiors

Francesco Cigala - RIBA

Senior Architect / Associate

Brendan Doris

Senior Architect / Project Director

loanna Makri - RIBA PTII

Senior Architect, REVIT / BIM

Farah Sameer

Intermediate Architect, REVIT / BIM

Nick Nikolaou

Intermediate Interior Architect, REVIT / BIM

Maria Antoniou - RIBA PTII

Intermediate Architect, REVIT / BIM

Elina Hadjioannou - RIBA PTII

Intermediate Architect, REVIT / BIM

Jaffar Shreef

REVIT BIM Draughtsman

Biji Mathew

REVIT BIM Draughtsman